β€œBe present in your β€œWho is this?” moment because you’re going to be chasing that feeling for the rest of your life.” 

-Aubrey β€œDrake” Graham

Rap Radar 2019

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Championships: An Insight into emerging Rapper/Producer combinations

We, as a hip-hop community, have been fortunate enough to experience many amazing artists throughout our time. Providing us with memorable verses, complete features & unforgettable beats, this formula comes together in part because of the producers they collaborate with. The conversation about an artist’s ability to create “more-perfect” music with specific producers has become […]

Novice Talk – Waasi

For those who do not know, Waasi is an independent hip-hop musician from Charlottesville, Virginia. His current catalog features 2 very distinct projects; From Virginia With Love & his most recent release, No Love Lost. What I have come to love about the novice is his continued growth which is very prevalent in his bodies […]

1 Year Later: Savage Mode II

While there are many quality rap albums that dropped in the past few months, not too many have scratched the surface of 21 Savage & Metro Boomin’s Savage Mode II which was released on October 2nd, 2020. Revisiting this beautiful, dark twisted masterpiece 1 year later, it is deserving of nothing but praise. SM2 holds […]

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